About Us

Conder designs, manufactures and erects quality steelwork that bears all the hallmarks of one of the UK’s leading steelwork companies. The company is recognised for its innovative design and engineered steelwork.

Structural steelwork from Conder, manufactured using the latest advanced production equipment, is found in: Single and multi-storey buildings, warehouses, commercial and industrial properties, manufacturing centres, offices, town centres, car parks, cinemas, retail facilities, leisure centres, education and health establishments and, increasingly in sustainable projects.

The company, whose name is synonymous with the innovation of the portal frame, offers contractors a complete steelwork contracting service.

Conder’s design team takes initial drawings and concepts and develops them into fully functional, aesthetically attractive buildings. The company delivers added value through its designs, so that every structure and completed building secures the benefits that steel offers over other materials.
Our contracts are now incorporating the supply of floors, decking, handrails, cladding, glazing, stairs and edge-protection, which offer immediate commercial and logistical advantages to main contractors.

We work with leading main contractors, architects, engineers and designers to deliver functional, attractive steelwork for high quality buildings, complex facilities and sustainable properties.

Conder delivers: Quality Steelwork at the heart of fine buildings.

Your experience with Conder starts as we mean to go on, with a competitive, technically proficient quotation developed by experienced staff. Conder aims to ensure gaps do not exist between sub-trades.

Conder staff are available to advise on all aspects of the quotation for example; value engineering, programme and sequencing issues.

Our workload comprises of Design and Build and Consultant Designs.Conder's emphasis is to provide best value solutions for the overall scheme.

Conder works proactively with structural engineers and architects to provide value engineering expertise to ensure the optimum solution for the customer.

Working with other sub-trade contractors is second nature, our aim is to ensure all interfaces between trades are covered and to drive the build cost down through value engineering.

Our in-house and sub-contract designers utilise the latest design and 3D modeling packages to ensure designs are best value and errors are reduced to the absolute minimum.

Steelwork is fabricated in-house at our 15,000 sq metre production facility in Portsmouth, capable of producing up to 10,000 tonnes of high quality structural steelwork per annum.

The contract management and erection processes are managed in house by our experienced contracts staff working with a network of partnered erection companies.

Success in the multi-storey beam and column market has enabled Conder to offer the supply of precast floors, metal decking, handrails, precast concrete and metal stairs and edge-protection in a seamless and integrated package through our supply chain partners.

Conder Allslade is a leading structual steelwork specialist keeping the Conder name at the forefront of the industry.

The company's long standing reputation for innovative engineering stretches back decades to the application of ‘plastic theory’ for portal frames, through to patents for cold-rolled Zed purlins, cladding systems and the ,dry envelope’ system (producing a weathertight superstructure as soon as possible).

Today, Conder's ethos of listening to customers, innovative design solutions and performance excellence is reflected in annually increasing customer satisfaction.

Working with end clients, developers, professional teams and main contractors Conder provides design and build and consultant designed structural steelwork for single and multi-storey buildings in the following sectors:

Distribution warehouse and industrial, manufacturing, commercial, offices, town centres, car parks, cinemas, retail facilities, leisure centres, education and health.

  • Conder aims to offer superior integrated customer service and support at all times.
  • Our designs, drawings, preparation and fabrication of steelwork and steelwork structures are to national and international guidelines and codes.
  • We provide a fast and efficient support service for end users, developers, and main contractors working to agreed deadlines and programmes.
  • Our work will be to the Steelwork Industry/BCSA Code(s) of Practice.
  • Sub-contracted services are delivered by fully certified, trained staff whose work is regularly inspected and approved.
  • Fully compliant products and materials are used in all stages of production. These are available for inspection.
  • We operate to Construction Industry safety guidelines at all times.
  • We constantly review our operations, applying best practices to deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Any complaints or issues will be handled quickly and efficiently, without delay.
  • We will provide professional services to clients at all stages in the development and execution of their contracts.
  • At the conclusion of each project, we will review the delivery and execution of the contract. Observations and comments made during the delivery of the project will be utilised to drive Conder's continuous improvement programme.


Conder Allslade Limited is based in the UK and is therefore bound by national law. We will conduct our business to the high ethical standards highlighted in our Ethical Trading Policy.

Legality – We will respect the rule of law in all facets of our business. Internal disciplinary procedures exist for those who do not comply with the law or our policies. Any reporting of alleged breaches of laws or policies will be strictly in confidence.

Human Rights – We support the view that human rights are universal and all facets of the business will adhere to the principle of human rights.

Business Integrity – Conder Allslade Limited does not give or accept bribes. We do not sanction or accept any illegal payments, allowances or gifts-in-kind. All alleged breaches will be investigated. Any employee who has breached this policy will be disciplined.

Respect for People – We will do what we say we will do. Our people will be treated with respect at all times, avoiding discrimination and bullying. We will provide a safe and healthy working environment. The sustainability principles set out in our Sustainability Policy will be observed.

Trust – We engender trust within our work groups and companies and respect differing traditions and cultures. We respect the trust placed in us by others, especially when we are asked to take responsibility for aspects of their business or resources. High professional standards, honesty and openness will be observed at all times. Where unavoidable conflicts of interest occur, we will expose them for open scrutiny and resolution.

Conder Allslade Limited are committed to delivering quality building solutions and work force safety and has achieved the following accreditations during its on-going pursuit of excellence.

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